Apply to be The Sick of the Fringe

The Sick of the Fringe, in its second year in Edinburgh, is a programme which aim to inspire collaborations between the arts and health, illness, disability and medicine. We feature special talks, networking events, and support individual artists by connecting them to a broader artistic and health-focused communities.

To build this community, our team of curators and associates are scouring the Edinburgh Fringe for the freshest and most innovative voices looking at the body, science, medicine, illness, disability and everything in between. We are looking to find the Sick of the Fringe.

Submit your company/show details to tell us how your work relates to The Sick of the Fringe. Relevant companies will be covered and written about by our team of writers (from both medicine and theatre), and brought into more public dialogues about the body, health and medicine.

One central goal of TSOTF is to help identify and link up artists making work on the theme of the body, health and medicine. Even if your company is doing a limited run, please do let us know about the show by submitting your details.


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