The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble

The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble are a group of D/deaf and hearing actors, directors, theatre makers, writers, artists, musicians, dancers and all round lovely people coming together to meet each other and tell each other stories. We make live performance using a mix of BSL, Spoken English, projection, movement, mime, music and soundscapes.

They believe in breaking down barriers and pre-conceived perceptions and building bridges. All their work is fully accessible for D/deaf and hearing audiences. All that is heard is seen and all that is seen is heard. 

Events at the Fringe...

People of the Eye


SAT 06 - SAT 27 aug (NOT 10, 17 or 24) 

‘Of course, you shouldn’t use “sign language”.’ Inspired by real events, this personal story follows a family finding their way through the Deaf world. A story about parents, about sisters, and about the complex love that binds families together. Using projections, sound, live performance, and creative accessibility, this unique, poignant performance is about memories, feelings of isolation, and finding the joy in difference. Selected for London’s acclaimed NOW’16 Festival.


Access Day at Forest Fringe



For the last three years, the Deaf & Hearing Ensemble have partnered with Forest Fringe and Solar Bear to create a day that is fully BSL accessible. They help to partner the skilled Theatrical Sign Language Interpreters with artists so they can have a creative conversation prior to the performance and hopefully schedule some rehearsal time: a luxury that most SLIs who work in theatre don't usually get with the artists. Without this time, the piece may suffer as there is no conversation to develop complex layers and subtleties in the translation of the piece. This event allows for this essential dialogue to take place and to get everyone excited by interpreted performances.  Artists and audiences can see the potential and beauty in making the sign language interpreter part of the piece itself.

On Saturday 13 August, the Deaf And Hearing Ensemble we will be hosting a day of BSL-interpreted performances with Forest Fringe.

Performances that will be BSL-interpreted on the day will include:

Watch Me Fall – Action Hero
Cock And Bull – Nic Green
Weird Séance – Daniel Oliver
Celebration, Florida – Greg Wohead

BSL-interpreters will be Yvonne Strain and Catherine King.
A hearing loop is available on request.


Creating Autobiographical Theatre

fringe central@infirmary street

MON 22 15.30 - 16.30 | SUN 28 11.00 - 12.00

Part of the Fringe Central Events Programme for Fringe participants. A look at creating autobiographical theatre in an ensemble – whose story is it? How to tread the line between what you need to say and what you want to say. Using the ensemble’s unique style participants are welcomed into a relaxed and creative environment to discover their voice and what story they want to tell. This workshop is accessible to D/deaf and hearing participants.

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Process and Play: Celebrating Communication

Part of the Fringe Central Events Programme for Fringe participants. This workshop will focus on using play theory and setting up rules in the devising process to create performances whilst employing techniques such as viewpoints and durational improvisation. It will also look at The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble's unique exploration of communication with one another in the rehearsal room (as a bilingual company using BSL and English,) and with an audience. These workshops are accessible to D/deaf and hearing participants.