DELAY DETACH / Sonder Theatre

“Delay, distract, depersonalise, detach” is advice on how to communicate during an intense and escalating conversation with someone who has borderline personality disorder. It is an effective tool that Sophie has found online in this two-hander about a pair of friends from aged 5 to aged 70. At least, it is effective until the point at which Caitlin discovers what Sophie has been doing and resents the way she has been ‘handled’.

The discovery is yet another bump in the course of their relationship. Most of the bumps they encounter are ostensibly consequences of Caitlin’s mood disorder - and yet both of them have issues, which are not too well defined and so save the play from being about specific psychological conditions. For most of the narrative, Caitlin is in need of attention and support, so when an ageing Sophie starts to show symptoms of dementia, their roles get reversed. There aren’t many firm conclusions to be drawn from this story, except that friendships have serendipitous origins and unexpected turns, and that most of us depend on our friends to get by. (MR)

Delay Detach is on at 19.40 at Greenside @ Infirmary Street until August 20th (not 14th) -

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