HISTORY 2014 - 2018

The Sick of the Fringe was founded in 2014 by artist Brian Lobel and producer Tracy Gentles. At this time Lobel was a Public Engagement Fellow of Wellcome Trust whilst Gentles was transitioning from a long term role at Clod Ensemble.

The project was born out of an idea from Lobel of creating a small talk series to the Edinburgh Fringe, in collaboration with Gentles the appetite for this work supposed expectation and grew into a multi-pronged strategy

Our first programme was born (#TSOTF #EdFringe15)

An invitation from Wellcome Collection, The Place and Camden People’s Theatre

Our second (#TSOTF #EdFringe16)

Our second (#TSOTF #EdFringe17)

Our second (#TSOTF #EdFringe18)