TSOTF has been conceived by artist, performer and Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow Brian Lobel, and is led by him and Tracy Gentles, Director of In Company Collective. The programme has been commissioned by the Trust as a way of highlighting the diverse range of biomedical themes and topics inspiring Fringe artists every year. 

I am so excited to be working with the Wellcome Trust to celebrate the voices of artists in scientific and medical inquiry. The Fringe is all about surprising sources of inspiration – a play that challenges your political opinion, a devastating cabaret act, a comedian who makes you cry – and, just like a scientific discovery, these sources of inspiration have the most impact when they are nourished, shared and given appropriate platforms. The Sick of the Fringe might just be one such platform, and we look forward to collaborating with emerging and established artists from the Fringe, and sharing their radical ideas for both medicine and performance.
- Brian Lobel
We’re passionate about collaborative projects which bring together the arts and sciences. Each year we support a host of fantastic shows and performances at the Fringe, and are always thrilled to see many others that work with similar ideas. This year, Brian Lobel’s TSOTF programme provides a unique platform for drawing out these connections and celebrating the different kinds of creativity that underpin art and science. We can’t wait to see who or what will be the Sick of the Fringe!
- Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture & Society at the Wellcome Trust