Agents of Change: Museums Australia Conference

The Sick of the Fringe Co-Director Brian will be speaking at the in June alongside TSOTF commissioned artist Busty Beatz (of Hot Brown Honey) and Simon Chaplin Director of Culture and Society at the Wellcome Trust: REGISTRATION OPEN  - do check us out if you do happen to be in Melbourne!


#TSOTFLONDON 2017 Round up:


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, we  are unable to be in Adelaide this year but hope to return in 2019 with our full programme. But just because we're not there in person this year, doesn't mean we can't support you!

Do check out the online Mindfulness Toolkit available here: 

And if you tweet us, we can try to CONNECT you to what's happening in the UK, and to other performers in/around the Australian Fringes.

We'll also be in Melbourne in June presenting at the Agents of Change: Museums Australia Conference. See more HERE, we'd love to see you it you happen to be in Melbourne.

Otherwise, best of luck with your Fringe. May it be a raging success, and don't forget to take care of yourself in and amongst all the excitement.

Brian, Tracy & TSOTF Team

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