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London 2017, Sheila Ghelani’s Nurse Knows Best. Photography by Manuel Vason

London 2017, Sheila Ghelani’s Nurse Knows Best. Photography by Manuel Vason

Amidst a time of great and nerve-wracking societal change, The Sick of the Fringe present their second London programme: Care & Destruction. 

A weekend of performance and conversation dedicated to some of the most exciting and pressing voices looking at health and social justice. New artistic commissions, unique collaborations and fearless conversations will uncover the stories we are not seeing, the stories we are avoiding, the stories we don't yet have the language to tell.

The Sick of the Fringe originally looked at the body as autonomous. In 2019, we are now looking at it in dialogue with a world in pain, societal injustice and systems of oppression. Care & Destruction takes a broad reaching theme and through this programme has invited artists to look at unexpected ways of challenging and considering the negatives of care and the positives of destruction. This festival acts as a provocation, a launch of a long term enquiry to open up and sustain conversations and introduce new critical voices. We are excited for the future and how by working to build communities around ideas we can mobilise support, resistance and understanding.

Unhealthy care and necessary destruction? Rip it up, air the room, start again. 

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The Sick of the Fringe: Care & Destruction is our second London programme following our first festival in 2017, and showcases some of the work and artists we will be developing and championing throughout the year.

Care & Destruction team:

Tracy Gentles - Director 

Brian Lobel - Artistic Associate

Gini Simpson - Head of Engagement

Nick Anderson - Programme Producer

Tian Glasgow - Engagement Producer

Lauren Church - Strategic Producer

Claire Nolan - Resident Videographer

Tom Wilson - Production Manager

Amy Merrigan - Associate Producer

Zoe Gumbs - Online Engagement Consultant 

The DH Ensemble - Access partners

Brochure designed by Mamoru Iriguchi 

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Special thanks to Cathryn Wright, Emily Wiles, Malavika Anderson, Rosie Stanbury, David Cahill Roots, Alex Legge, Teresa Albor, Simon Chaplin, Dani Clode, Chipp Jansen, Sandra Ng, Jo Palmer, the University of Chichester and all the teams at Wellcome Collection, The Place, Camden People's Theatre for all their support.