The sick of the fringe is a strategy, an ethos, a community, which makes the world safe (or safer) for challenging art and challenging realities.

The challenges we are particularly interested in fighting include inequality, inaccessibility, elitism and mediocrity.

We fight on behalf of artists, audiences and the public good, each in different ways.


We believe that
art has the ability to change the way
we talk about health, illness and wellness. 

We believe that
theatre, performance, music, dance and comedy
have the ability to make lives better.

We believe that
The Fringe can inspire
the participation of marginalised voices,
inspiring new outlooks and more effective policy.

We believe that
the arts are critical to healthy communities.

Co-Directed by Brian Lobel and Tracy Gentles. Developed and produced by the Something To Aim For (STAF) team.

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Commissioned by Wellcome