The Sick of the Fringe Writers at Normal? 2017


Melissa Jacob

Melissa is passionate about inclusion and storytelling. She's most inspired when considering how the latter can facilitate the former. Her poetry has been published in online journals and in print. Occasionally, her stories meet new people during local community arts projects, though they are quite shy.

Jim Lockey

Jim Lockey is an artist and writer, known for his social action project 'the mobile comics factory'.

Jim wrote for Sorted magazine from 2011 - 2017 and uses writing as part of his contemporary art practice. In 2017 he spoke at TEDx about the relationship between drawing and writing, the talk is entitled "the forgotten language of drawing."

Twitter @jimlockey

Instagram @jimlockeycomics

Faith Warn

Faith Warn has had a lifelong freelance career writing articles and books, public speaking and radio broadcasting, including contributions to The Times, ClassicFM and Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. She spent 11 years on a Greek island and now lives in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter, performing poetry and continuing to learn about life.

Sandra Elkins

Sandra is a mother and grandmother. She works for the Pestalozzi village supporting international students. Sandra has an MA in creative writing and is currently working on comic writing 'Trina, the Cleaner'. Trina is Sandra's alter ego, who evolved from the cleaning jobs she did to support her years of study.

Anna Braithwaite


Anna Braithwaite is a composer and performer whose writing ranges from lyrics to blog posts. She is fascinated by the themes of the work covered by The Sick Of The Fringe and has created her own music about mental health and neurological issues for both professional and community projects.

Bex Bell

Bex recently returned to Folkestone after spending a few years living abroad. She has previously worked at University of Nottingham and wrote for the University Magazine on topics revolving around Geek Lifestyle. She has poetry published online and in print and a lot more hiding on her laptop. She currently works for Sleeping Giant Media as a Digital Content Executive. Bex has an impressive collection of themed shoes that she never actually wears.


Twitter: @sorunawaywithme

Instagram: @sorunawaywithme

Madlin Bee

Madlin Bee is an ongoing contributor to Southwark Mind newsletter and other publications, drawing on her experience as a patient in the UK mental health system.

Jane Unsworth