DIY Mindfulness Toolkit Online

A series of short, practical mindfulness films that will be available
in the run-up to the Fringe.

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Daniel guides us through one of the foundations of mindfulness practice: breathing meditation.  The film explores how paying attention to our breath and bodily sensations we can begin to shift from 'doing mode' into 'being mode' and help switch off our stress response.  



Daniel guides us through the process of eating mindfully. The film explores how bringing curiosity to the process of eating can help move our attention from planning and worrying and into the experience of the present moment.



Daniel guides us through a short mindful walking exercise, in which we pay attention to the breath and body as we walk without trying to get somewhere.




Daniel guides us through using meditation and mindfulness to distance ourselves from the emotional intensity of interacting with social media.



MINDfulness and fomo (fear of missing out)

Daniel takes us through a longer guided meditation to help with the overwhelming nature of the Fringe, the fear of missing those many important events and acknowledging our emotional experience in the moment.

Listen to more of Daniel's guided mindfulness meditations on his Soundcloud or find out more about his work on his website.

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