PANDORA - in development

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Pandora, like Eve in her parallel myth, was the first woman on earth. Her “jar” released all known ills into the world. What they were was not specified all we know is hope was left in the jar. Religion and society has since defined these ills and their mirror virtues as:








Many of these evils are levels of excess in natural human appetite and what does a modern world sell us if not excess. How do any of us find balance? What exactly is temptation and aren’t we faced with it from every corner of our world? We know that sex sells, businesses want to feed our greed and TV wants us to sit and vegetate. We are increasingly angry, more intolerant. However, we do envy the new iPhone and boy, are we proud of it all.

Drag is rooted in explicit and implied excess, as is music and theatre. In Pandora these tools will be utilized to explore these questions with humour, philosophy and ridiculousness, through a song cycle that disrupts it’s own formality, classical at one moment, disco, torch song etc, at others, sliced through with personal stories of life’s unexpected turmoil and those that rise up, not just to meet a challenge but to smash it and triumph.

A collaboration with the London Southbank Sinfonia.

Creative Team

David Shrubsole - Composer/Musical Director Tommy Bradson - Director
Mark Smith - Movement Director
Ryan Dawson Laight - Designer

Joshua Pharo - Lighting Designer