Prognoses Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Sick of the Fringe Prognoses identify and interrogate the broader themes of a festival, linking to relevant diagnoses from our Diagnoses archive and offering new perspectives on broader issues and trends. Each Prognosis is written by a Sick of the Fringe writer and focuses on a particular theme or aspect of their experience. Prognoses offer wider-ranging analysis than the diagnoses, but are still committed to the core purpose of The Sick of the Fringe – offering new ways of writing about art and performance that illuminates the links between the strategies and concerns of artists, scientists and medical professionals.

At Edinburgh in 2017 the Sick of the Fringe writers produced over 40 diagnoses of shows, that you can access here. Our Prognoses link themes, concerns and reflections from the experiences of four writers that took part in this process.

Prognosis 1: Accessing the Fringe - Tian Glasgow 

Prognosis 2: Reality Shows - Michael Regnier

Prognosis 3: Slippery Now Because - Alexandrina Hemsley

Prognosis 4: After Edinburgh - Lewis Church