Weird Séance: Max Dyspraxe 

Photo by Guido Mencari

Photo by Guido Mencari

Daniel Oliver Featuring Laura Milnes and Live Music by Snapped AnklesFREE – booking essential, SOLD OUT

Just the thought of Daniel Oliver's sardonically sweet, grimly optimistic work makes me break out in sweat. I love it.’ Stacy Makishi, Performance Artist

Weird Séances are raucously deconstructionist, roughly layered participatory performances about participatory performance. They haphazardly emerge from an unabashed embracing of Daniel’s dyspraxia. Each show is clunkily crow-barred into its site and context; rejigged, added to, undone and perverted so that no two performances are the same. 

We are, Daniel tells us, in some woods in the future looking back on the traumatic incident that occurred right here, in this space, during Daniel’s show.

Wellcome Collection
Sat 18 Feb: 2.30pm - 3.15pm
Sun 19 Feb: 4pm - 4.45pm

@canibedaniel #weirdseance