The Sick of The Fringe aims to connect people with shows, people with ideas, ideas with ideas, ideas with shows, and everyone with innovative possibilities. To this end, below are some sharp 'diagnoses' of shows/talks/acts that we see, in hopes of building a resource for other interested audience members featuring keywords, key thoughts, questions, context, and reactions. 

We are trying to avoid qualitative review language (like ‘a tour-de-force!’, ‘riveting’ or ‘if you didn’t cry, you don’t have tear ducts!’) because the focus is instead on broadening the conversation, making links between performance, art and science, medicine and health. 

Around the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, we worked with a team of writers aiming to respond to as many performances as possible. Find below a round up of the performances seen in Edinburgh and our Fringe & Beyond page for those 'Diagnosed' elsewhere this August. 

You can find our 2015 diagnoses roundup here

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