Catherine Long

Catherine Long is a performance artist/dancer. Central to her work is the individual and collective body, the subjective and objective experience with a focus on observation and perception. Her work explores and addresses issues of objectification, absence and presence, restriction and freedom, control, embodiment and symmetry. A key aim of her work is for people to gain insight into how perceptions of ourselves are shaped by our perceptions of others. Catherine has a BA (Hons) in Arts Therapies and is artist in residence at the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience in London, working with Prof Patrick Haggard and dancer Frank Bock, funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. She has also been working with Heidi Latsky Dance in New York since April 2008.

Guest curator, #TSOTF15 & #TSOTF16, Edinburgh  WEBSITE:  ARTSADMIN-CATHERINE-LONG       

Guest curator, #TSOTF15 & #TSOTF16, Edinburgh