WOMEN'S HOUR Sh!t Theatre

This fast-paced sketch cabaret charts the multitude of ridiculous, contradictory and impossible-to-escape media messages focused on women: their body, their behaviour, their health and more. Sh!t Theatre’s take-no-prisoners approach is relentless in its pace, its volume, and in its critique of an inequitable world. The evils exposed in Women’s Hour range from serious large-scales injustices (looking at rape culture, near-universal pay inequality and the sexualisation of children) to tiny injustices (gendered kinder eggs, for example) with equal fervour, demonstrating how the structures of sexism work on wildly divergent scales, and with a consistency which is frightening. The effects on women are both specific and political (calling out the ‘luxury tax’ on tampons) and emotionally, and universally overwhelming. The pace and the humour and the noise are but one of the results of the mixed messages, gender policing and pandemic inequity, and Sh!t captures it without apology.  (BL)

WOMEN'S HOUR, Sh!t Theatre, Summerhall, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30 August. Level Access. Contact venue for further information on accessibility.


She’s a princess.

Bryony Kimmings on the sexualisation of young girls:


Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It:


On sexism and Nigella Lawson


Debate around FEMEN’s activism from 2013-2014:


Because we couldn’t believe it either: information on mink eyelashes