The Sick of the Fringe, London

Photos by Christa-Holka

Photos by Christa-Holka

We are thrilled to welcome you to the inaugural The Sick of the Fringe (TSOTF) - London.

TSOTF aims to create a space which looks at the body in ways that are nuanced, intersectional,
far-reaching, inclusive, accessible, sustained, meaningful and filled with joy, love and respect. The bedrock of TSOTF is the ardent belief that performance, theatre and art are critical to understanding illness, health, medicine, disability and well-being.

For the past two years, we have had the great privilege to watch hundreds of shows and engage with hundreds of artists. Along with thousands of audiences in person and online we’ve also shared ideas with venues, writers, researchers and medical professionals. During TSOTF London, we’re bringing you some of the most exciting shows, installations, workshops and talks which focus on the great artists we’ve met whilst extending the themes we’ve found most critical.

We hope this not-so-small sampling of events gets you hungry for more performances about difficult subjects, and that you’ll find artists and thinkers to follow for years to come. We also hope TSOTF makes your more aware of health policy, indignant towards injustice, stigma or inequality, more curious about your own body and the stories it contains, and more compassionate towards your fellow citizens. We always live with hope for more connectivity, compassion and justice, as do the artists featured here, each in their own way. And – to borrow liberally from medical terminology: we hope this outlook is contagious.

Brian and Tracy / Co-Directors

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