The Sick of the Fringe TV

The Sick Of The Fringe TV
Camden People’s Theatre - FREE
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The Sick of the Fringe TV
is made to bring the art, artists and conversations that reside on the fringes right to your screens. This could be the art and conversations being kindled by our events or those being lit by people around the country. We want to highlight as much of the brilliance and complexity out there that is connecting health, the body and social change.

As part of our Care and Destruction programme, we will be going live with TSOTF TV channel during the weekend. Streaming from Camden People’s Theatre, we will be punctuating our festival and your social media feeds with artistic interventions, live panel discussions and sneak peeks from around host venues.

Punctuations! - provocations from artists and thinkers aiming to underscore, expand upon or add to themes explored through Care & Destruction.

Sat 6 April : DH Ensemble
Sun 7 April : Tarik Elmoutawakil

Check out / @TSOTFringe and #TSOTF19 for updates.