Liz Carr

Liz Carr is a wheelchair using actor, broadcaster and comedian.  She currently plays forensic  examiner, Clarissa Mullery in the BBC drama Silent Witness.  She is a stand-up comedian, often as part of Abnormally Funny People and enjoys performing cabaret and 'criptease'.  Liz co-hosted the irreverent BBC Ouch! podcast for 7 years and in contrast, in 2012 she authored the documentary 'When Assisted Death is Legal' for the BBC World Service.  She is a disability rights campaigner and as a member of Not Dead Yet she speaks out against assisted suicide.  She is currently working on 'Assisted Suicide - The Musical' which will premiere as part of the Unlimited Festival at London's Southbank Centre in 2016

Rather Dead than Disabled
What is it with the current flurry of people wanting to top themselves rather than have a walking stick, a dodgy bowel or need a bed bath?  Is the PR of disability so bad that people really would rather be dead than disabled?  Is it actually that rubbish?  With cuts in all areas of our lives, the mainstream media scrounger rhetoric and the few rights we have being eroded away at an astounding rate, is it in fact any surprise  no one wants to be us? And if that’s the case, why aren’t people generally doing more to make life, rather than death, better for us?  And how do you cope when you’re the person that no one wants to be?