Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver 

TSOTF + The Place + TRAMWAY Co-Commission

Photo: Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver

Photo: Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver

The Place
Sat 6 April : 14.30 - 16.30
£5 combined ticket with The Rong Table -
tickets available

Daniel is dyspraxic and is too slow. Frauke has ADHD and is too quick. They are married and have kids. This performance is rooted in their experiences of their bodies as neurodivergent lovers, parents, and weirdo performance makers.

This sharing is directly followed by a participatory ‘Rong Table’ event, raising questions around family, fidelity, monogamy, and being experimental performance makers onstage. (see website for further details). 

Frauke Requardt is a German-born, London-based choreographer whose work is characterised by physically challenging choreography, theatricality and overall sense of surrealism.

Daniel Oliver is a performance artist creating awkward participatory worlds, they are unashamedly dyspraxic, embracing his lightly off-kilter relationship with co-ordination, social interaction and executive planning.

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