Busty Beatz / Black Honey Company

We are the Latest Models of our Ancestry

Through redefining and reshaping the impact of being taken from and giving voice to the intersections of race, culture and gender empowerment of our contemporary selves.

This multi media installation featuring video, recorded and live sound commissioned for The Sick of the Fringe, accompanies Medicine Man, a permanent exhibition at Wellcome Collection.

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When an object is found by one but taken from another, what is the impact? Not only at the time it was taken but for generations to come? Busty Beatz of Hot Brown Honey is on a mission to deconstruct, dissect and shake the foundations of the past by artistically re-imagining history into Herstory. 

Collaborating with artists, academics and researchers from across worlds, disciplines and experiences, We are the Latest Models of our Ancestry sets out to challenge the perceptions of ‘museum objects’.


Presented at: 

The Sick of the Fringe, London 2017

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“The Wellcome Trust prides itself on working at the intersection of art, medicine and health ... Hot Brown Honey pride themselves in working at the intersections of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, body image and more. Busty plans to layer each cultural marker so that all are visible ... Herprimary impulse is not to attempt to eradicate the values present in the exhibition, but to bring them in contact with other ways of thinking.“We don’t want to cover up history, because that’s been done: we need to explore it further, we need to give voice to those voices that were not heard.” Maddy Costa, Exeunt (preview)