Performing Change

Lost Watch Theatre
Emma Frankland
Laura Dannequin


The body is a magnificent thing: ever-changing, shifting, morphing, dying, regrowing. How does it feel to create a singular piece of art about your body, using your body, when its not stable - with medical, political, social and spiritual realities which can change.

Performing Change asks three artists to revisit a piece of work and explore new ways in which time has shifted the meaning and how they wish to talk about the work now.

All three artists will spend time discussing change as a theme across their divergent work, and then report back. The Sick of the Fringe will present a panel of performances, talks and interventions exploring the reality of ‘performing change’, as a model for how we think about artistic practice, but, more importantly, as a model for how we all live with our own ever-changing body.

TSOTF In Development | The Place
Sat 18 Feb: 2.30pm - 3.45pm, £5
This event will be British Sign Language interpreted.
by Dionne Deans and Susan Booth.

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