The Carbonators, Joy-Rides, Richard Rock n Roll & 2 decks



Constant Flux presents the best music from the burgeoning learning disabled and London’s DIY music scenes. A gig of wild euphoric abandon, future rock n roll and accessible, integrated music for everyone. An open, forward-thinking event with four exciting, unpredictable groups removing disabling barriers for audience and performer alike.

The Carbonators are from Croydon and formed in 2011 initially to perform alongside the legendary Damo Suzuki (ex-CAN). Since then they have honed their own unique blend of digital blues, punk/new wave, soul and free jazz/improvised music all mixed up into good phonics.

Joy-Rides have existed for 11 years without compromising or practicing and have now swollen to seven people who make noises. There's big noise and shouting and its theatrical and spectacular and visual and intense and everyone gets very excited -not least the audience!

Sat 18 Feb: 8pm - 11pm
Camden People’s Theatre

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