Reclaiming Mouth

Touretteshero / Jess Thom
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Artist, writer, and activist Jess Thom has Tourettes syndrome, a neurological condition that means she makes movements and noises she can’t control, called tics. Following the success of her multi-award-winning show, Backstage in Biscuit Land, Jess is turning her attention to a challenging new project – a neurodiverse production of Samuel Beckett’s short play Not I.

This discussion will explore themes of neurodiversity, disability culture, gender politics, isolation, representation and what happens when tics meet text.

Jess is one of the 10% of people with Tourettes who has some swearing tics. As a result, this conversation may contain words that some people find offensive.

Wellcome Collection
Sat 18 Feb: 4pm - 5pm
This event will be British Sign Language interpreted by Kathy Yeoman and Kam Deo. To book an access ticket please email or call 020 7611 2222

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