Gusset Grippers

Elaine Miller | BOOK NOW

‘See this show, your knickers will thank you.’

Elaine Miller: comedian, physiotherapist, mother of three and recovered incontinent, explores the wonders of your pelvic floor and explains how to laugh - but not leak. Scientifically proven to improve male and female orgasms* you’ll leave knowing what your pelvic floor is, what it does, and what to do with yours if you think it’s a bit broken.

Evidence based – CPD certificate, list of references and reflective questions for healthcare professionals.

Suitable for all orientations, sexes and ages (contains frank sexual content, and you’re on your own if your kids repeat what they heard...) Does not feature actual live human gussets, sorry. No questions asked of the audience.

(*citation needed)

Sat 18 Feb: 12pm & 4.30pm
The Place
£5, all ages - parental discretion, 55 mins
The 4.30pm performance will be British Sign Language interpreted by Rose Marie Lennon.

@GussieGrips #squeezeandlift